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After seeing the work that was done in the last few days, the few mistakes we made stood out. That was a helpful insight, since we had another day of filming ahead of us. More sequences, tight shots and better sound was our goal. With that in mind, Petra and I went out to find another story.

However, the story found us (in a way). With so little time for lunch, we were starving. Since both of us live on the coast, we decided it would be fun to find a citizen of Zagreb to recommend to us a traditional continental meal. And, a place we could eat it. Then Karlo appeared. A student and handball player with great love for štrukle. We formed a trio and started working.

Using a big camera on the main square always attracts attention. It was fun seeing random people react to it. Some were impressed, some scared. Because so few people cared whether they are in the way or not, we had to repeat the intro a few times. Luckily, our guide was patient, cooperative and relaxed (which is not often the case).

Finding the restaurant was easy. It is located near Tkal?i?eva street and it offers a variety of štrukle, salty and sweet. We worried about the owners for nothing. They allowed us use the camera with no problem, but with a condition – do not bother the customers. We happily obliged and went about our business.

Karlo ordered sweet štrukle with honey and walnuts. We wanted to try the salty ones. Their preparation time is about 20 minutes. We spent the time finding details to show and talking to our kind guide. And then they came – steamy, creamy, smelling delicious . It was hard to contain ourselves long enough to shoot them in detail, but we managed.

Karlo explained that štrukle are made from rolled pastry filled with cottage cheese and sour cream. Other ingredients are optional. They can be baked or boiled. Both of our servings were baked. It is needles to say that plates were empty in a few minutes. The special taste of štrukle really appealed to both us. Karlo was also happy.

It is said that  necessity is the mother of invention. University students are famous for their ways of finding cheap and tasty meals anywhere. Petra and I are living away from home for 3 years now. With some with foodie skills of our own, we were still surprised to find a new great meal that costs only 25 kuna and can feed both of us.

Daniela Tupanjac i Petra Urban

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