When Polish students met Zagreb

Croatian students, especially the ones studying at the University of Zagreb, have their own perception of their capital city.
But, what about foreign student's perception? Indre Jermakaite, Linda Bojko and Milovan Nikolić decided to explore this issue, interviewing Linda's friends from Warsaw who came to visit her in Zagreb and learn something about this amazing city!

Linda, being an Erasmus student, is also a "tourist" in Zagreb, but this time she got the opportunity to become the tour guide for Ola, Monica and Rafal, whose impression of the City was quite interesting.

”First impressions is that over there are strange blue trams and really small trash cans… And cheap tasty cakes!”

They enjoyed the tasty cakes while walking through the streets of Zagreb and visiting it's most famous features. While doing so, these four Polish friends compared life in their native Poland with Croatian life. Yet, the weather wasn't so nice, so Ola decided to return to Zagreb in a few months, after the winter.

 ”I kinda feel like home here”, Monica concluded.

Authors: Indre Jermakaite, Linda Bojko, Milovan Nikolić