Vegan in Zagreb: Mission impossible?

Although it’s quite difficult to have a diet that differs from the majority’s nutrition, being a vegan is getting easier all around the world, even in Zagreb. This is why FPZG’s Erasmus students decided to show some of the nutritional options in the City.

They asked their friend Birgit to share her experience as a vegan, as well as to show them where to buy cheap yet high quality groceries and, of course, how to prepare them too.

It is commonly known that vegan nutrition is way more expensive than nonvegetarian, especially for the ones considering clean eating non-negotiable, but that does not concern Birgit, who successfully balances her student budget and a healthy nutrition.

”In general, it’s all about planning and comparing prices. Especially on the Balkans”, Birgit concluded.

Whether it’s a market, grocery shop or even organic store, there’s plenty of options for vegans in Zagreb. As this creative group says, ”just grab your vegan recipe book and use your imagination.”

If you’re still hungry for the information about veganism, there’s also a MoJo showing the progress of the story!

Authors: Eglė Šatkauskaitė, Olivia Klochko , Florian Schäfer, Tobias Kaim