There is a story, capture it

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        New media. In my opinion, probably the worst form of journalism. Problem that I have with it is the lack of spirit, soul and tradition.

I’m not saying that these are rational reasons but some arguments to support that statement exist. Can professor Charlie Gee and his multiplatform storytelling workshop on web video content change my opinion and open a new perspective on the new media? Based on the first two days, I have to say- Yes.

Not only that we have opportunity to work with new technology but we are being taught the best ways to use it. Although the new technology was the first thing that caught my eye, more important thing is basic storytelling and good story to begin with. If we find a good story we need to be able to capture it. With a smartphone, video camera or some other piece of technology, it doesn’t matter, but we need to be able to do it good. That’s what we are learning on this workshop.

What is the story? How to find a story? How many aspects of the story there is? All of this are the usual questions we, as a journalists need to ask ourselves. Now at the same time we are being taught to think about the visual aspect of it all. How to deliver good video content in a short time to be reached worldwide? I hope I will be able to answer that questions at the end of this workshop. The realization that Web could and should be filled with well crafted and original content presents a goal we aspire to. How to use technology as a tool, but not forget it is only a tool that helps us in our storytelling, is something we should never forget.

Luka Miha?i?

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