The Morning after the Conference / Jutro poslije Konferencije

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Studenti s ameri?kim profesorima i zaposlenicima Ameri?ke ambasade

As you can see, we are switching back to Croatian after we almost got totally used to English in the two past days of the Regional Conference ?Traditional Values in The New Media Environment?. English was, after all, the official language. But the common language behind any words for all the participants surely was – the one of truth and open mind. That is always understood by all journalists around the world at all times.

At this time of challenges brought to our everyday’s job by new technologies, I am happy to see professionals who are ready and up to it. The Croatian saying „Jutro je pametnije od ve?eri – Morning is wiser than evening“ brings me no change of the feeling.

So, I just feel like saying here a big thank you to all the people who made these days great and memorable: our partners from the American Embassy, our colleagues from HND – Croatian Journalists Association, our friends journalists from 7 countries of the region, and above all professors Benton, Bergantino and Gillmor.

The last but not least for me as a teacher – I am really proud of 18 students of the Media Convergence class who took part in this pioneer job for our further work at FPZG – it was the first time we tried to function as and integrated newsroom and we just clicked together. I can see now that we have a team ready to cover an event on all the platforms that the new media convergence era gives us. We are looking forward to facing new challenges!

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