‘Taste of home’ story via iPhone

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Our Matina Tenžera decided to tell the story about an interesting crowdfunding campaign to TVS online audience by using an iPhone. Here is how she decided to present her story.

On 8th of November this Sunday, one colorful team had a big reason to celebrate. Taste of Home (Okus doma) is a social cooperative run by refugees, migrants and Croatian volunteers. This week they finished the crowdfunding campaign through which they had been collecting money in order to establish a small catering business.

Prince Wale Soniyiki, one of the members who moved from Nigeria to Croatia four years ago, just before the campaign ended, called all the potential donators to become the part of their wonderful story.

The main goal was to collect 17 000 dollars (cca 100 000 kunas) so that the Taste of Home could procure basic culinary necessities.

 It was intended that every amount above the initial financial limit would be used for buying some old vehicle. Unfortunately, the crew didn’t collect enough money for it, but they ended the campaign with 18 400 dollars!

Our reporter Matina Tenžera attended one of their public kitchen activities at the Dolac market where they prepared eggs in Nigerian and Croatian way. Croatian gastronome Rene Bakalovi? confronted his wooden ladle with the one of Prince’s so that all the visitors could try different types of egg dishes.

Bakalovi? mixed eggs with various types of mushrooms and spices, while Prince decided to prepare a regular Nigerian breakfast – the eggs with onions and tomatoes. However, he adapted his recipe to the Croatian cuisine and removed chilli jalapenos – which are mandatory ingredients in most of the African meals. He also admitted that he came up with a new recipee after tasting ‘Croatian’ eggs – a mixture of Croatian and Nigerian tricks.

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