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The place to be seen

Some Saturdays are more special than others. Here in Zagreb, we make every Saturday counts. Sarah Krka, Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi? and Anna Will had a first-hand experience of Špica. “It’s a ritual, it’s kind of old school Facebook.” – Maroje You just need to say „see you at Špica“ and everybody knows the place as well as the time. Each group has it’s own caffe, its own place to catch up. Even Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovi? loves Špica. She stopped willingly to explain what Špica means to her. “This is one of the most popular places of Zagreb, where people get togeather, talk to each other face-to-face,…

Cinema Guide

There are plenty od cinemas in Zagreb, yet not enough time to visit them all. Especially if you are an exchange student who wants to see everything that Zagreb is offering. That is the reason why Sarah Krka, Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi? and Anna Will have made this short Cinema Guide, so you can easily choose the Cinema of  your taste. Whether you choose the glamorous experience of watching a movie in the Kaptol Boutique Cinema or diving into a real indie experience in the Kino Europa, surely you will not make a mistake. The representatives of both cinemas are unanimous: their cinema is the best cinema in Zagreb. To find…

Pastry mystery

Bakeries are a daily destination for most Croats, but not for our foreign colleagues as well. In Zagreb, where the most expensive bakery’s meal cost less than 15 kunas, you can see people eating pastries everywhere you look, while in some other parts of Europe this kind of meal isn’t so affordable. “Bakeries in Prague are so expensive and people prefer to buy cheap unfrozen bread and pastry from the supermarkets”, says Silvie Leštinská, an Erasmus student from Czech Republic. That is the reason why Silvie, together with her colleagues Luisa Bernal,  Victor Martinez, Mislav Modronja and Cristina Ruiz were determined to unpuzzle the mystery of Croatian bakeries; why are they such a good business?  

Erasmus Christmas

Most citizens of Croatia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany celebrate Christmas. Although at first it seems that all we celebrate Christmas in a similar way, our Erasmus students are here to reassure us. Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi?, Anna Will and Sarah Krka collected some interesting facts about celebrating Christmas in their countries and compared Advent in Croatia, i.e. Zagreb, with their homeland advent. “It is not like this in Germany. We don’t like to light everything up so much”, Anna says. Students also shared with us what they like about celebrating Christmas in Croatia. Anita noticed another feature of Croatian advent; “I’m not sure why I like Christmas in…

Vegan in Zagreb: Mission impossible?

Although it’s quite difficult to have a diet that differs from the majority’s nutrition, being a vegan is getting easier all around the world, even in Zagreb.  This is why FPZG’s Erasmus students Egl? Šatkauskait?, Olivia Klochko , Florian Schäfer and Tobias Kaim decided to show some of the nutritional options in the City. They asked their friend Birgit to share her experience as a vegan, as well as to show them where to buy cheap yet high quality groceries and, of course, how to prepare them too. It is commonly known that vegan nutrition is way more expensive than nonvegetarian, especially for the ones considering clean eating non-negotiable, but…

Cat Caffe is (not) just for the cat ladies

  Ditte Ilbrink, Júlia Bettuz, Karla Junicic and Adam Tesarski all love cats and coffee. Interestingly, there is a caffe that combines both. Cat Caffe is a place in Zagreb where you can cuddle with cats when they’re in the mood (probably never) and also drink coffee when you’re in the mood (mostly always).  Even if you’re not a cat person, this video may encourage you to become one. If you are wondering how did the making of went, there’s also a MoJo!  

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