Symbiosis of TV and Radio

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This morning on the rooftop of Faculty of Political Science something truly interesting happened. While some of the students from Workshop were editing, most of us were outside watching the passing eclipse. While we were joking and talking, someone brought contrabass outside and placed it on the ground. Because Radio Student has its studio on the same floor as a Workshop, so we share a rooftop, that contrabass on the floor wasn’t so weird. After a few minutes producer from the Radio Student came to us and said that it would be a good idea if we could film this band that came to the live performance on the radio. In just a few moments guys with the cameras were set. Not just cameras but all the other “toys” were on as well. When band came outside with their instruments it was clear that good decision was made. Cheerful guys with drums, violin, contrabass, trumpet, accordion and a guitar singing and playing on the roof during the sunny day, perfect film material. Guys were even willing to give us an interview.  Radio and television working together, collaborating to make the best work they can. More than educational, it was fun. All these people working separately with different tools and concepts but with most important thing in common, goal to convey the story to the viewers in the best possible way. As future journalist, that concept tickled my imagination. What if we could combine two or more media? Not just on several occasions but for good. Today our crew gave eyes to the radio, tomorrow radio can help our workshop in some way. Because no media is perfect, with collaboration we can achieve much better results than independently. One story shown through two or more media. I know that is the story I would fallow.

Luka Miha?i?

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