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Morning, noon, afternoon, every time is a coffee time. For our second assignment we decided to do a little project about coffee culture in Zagreb. Sunny weather pulled a lot of people outdoors. Coffee shop terraces were full and we managed to capture some of it.

After our last task, we’ve learned on what should we pay more attention. The more tight shots we have, the better our project will be. This time we took a lot of equipment with us. We had selfie-stick, two tripods, big and heavy camera, iPhone, few microphones, and a lot of good will.

Dolores was in charge for capturing every moment behind the camera and posting it at our Facebook workshop page. First we made the stand up in front of beautiful fountain and invited people to stay tuned. After that, the real work started. We’ve managed to take shots of people drinking coffee in crowded coffee shops, tight shots of coffee beans, coffee cups.  Faces of people enjoying coffee were waking up a little bit of jealousy in us. Although we were enjoying the work with the cameras and all of „the toys“ as our Big Chief Charlie Gee likes to call it, we would have also liked to have a sip of that  heavenly dark liquid.


We were just about to wrap up when we decided to take a last shot of the coffee drawing waiter. He was drawing a small pictures of leafs, branches and hearts . He mentioned and explained how he went to a barista school where he learned to draw all kinds of coffee foam forms.

After all of the material was shot, we came back to the university where the editing awaits us. First step is to review the material. After  that we should make a shot list, record the voice overs  and then make everything into a whole through editing. Another  busy day at the office…


Simona Margeti?, Anamaria Batur

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