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The statue of Baltazar, the famous cartoon character of our childhood, is an interesting novelty on the property of the Ru?er Boškovi? institute. But the real gems of the institute are its scientists. We met two of them near the Baltazar statue:  Marko Koši?ek and Fran Supek.

Their stories are quite similar, they both had to work hard to complete their education crowned with a doctoral thesis. But this is where their story differs. Marko stayed in Croatia to work, while Fran decided to move to Barcelona. We wanted to know why. Why should we stay or why should we go? So it was decided, we are going to wrap our story around that issue.

We grabbed our gear and went on the field. Luckily, we had a car available so no sore shoulders this time! When we arrived at the institute, the guy on the entrance eyed us suspiciously. We are used to not being taken seriously, but as long as the job is done, it’s fine. Sometimes, prejudice makes it hard. However, we persuaded the man to let us in pretty quickly and waited for our main characters.

The institute itself was a fun place to shoot. The statue, the nature, the labs and cute cats lying around… it was a great visual material. The staff was cooperative and willing to show us around. We didn’t quite get what they do there in their vials and strange looking machines. But hey, as long as it moves and makes noise – awesome. Later, it turned out that the sign that said RADIOACTIVE, which we ignored, (thinking they were joking) was for real. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a surprise if a Geiger counter sounded alarm near our bags.

Marko and Fran were great to talk to. They gave us some important information and described their experiences working as  scientists, in Croatia and abroad.  We are thankful for their time and to the Ru?er Boškovi? institute for helping us to make our story into a package!


Tibor Trupec, Petra Urban, Daniela Tupanjac

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