Regional Media Conference started today in Zagreb

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First day of The Regional Media Conference about Traditional Values In The New Media Environment began today in the Hall of Croatian Journalists Association.

Photo: Tara Grb?i?

Welcome remark was made by Tim Gerhadson, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb. He pointed out that truth is the most important thing in journalism these days and that journalists should do more and be more critical.

Zdenko Duka, Croatian Journalists Asssociation President, had also gave a welcome remark. He was talking about the state of journalism today and about the crisis that hit economy. Mr. Duka pointed out that nowadays it’s only important to make profit and to entertain.

On first panel (out of four today) was about trends in U.S. media today with focus on investigative journalism. Guest speakers were famous American technology writer and columnist Dan Gilmor, director of Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University Joshua Benton and co-director of New England Center for Investigative Reporting Joe Bergantino.

Mr. Benton, Prof. Gillmor, Mr. Bergantino Photo: Tara Grb?i?

Mr. Benton showed the guests some charts and discussed statistics about making profit. It’s interesting that 43% Americans consume media through the TV, and about 40% advertising resources are intended for TV. Exception to that rule are small towns. He pointed out that today in the US there is a domination of cheap content.

Joe Bergantino talked about importance of investigative reporting. He explained it with the case of news on TV and radio stations. Mr. Bergantino observed that there were lots of news on TV stations, maybe too much, and there is only some investigative reporting in it. On radio stations the situation is even worse. Beceause of the nature of the media, there are only short news so journalists aren’t able to investigate the topic in 25 seconds.

For professor Dan Gilmor, traditional local media is very important. Of course, on the national level there are so many important projects, too. One of them is Pro Publica, known as one of the most important journalism organizations in the U.S. He pointed out that we need to start looking through the eyes of investigative reporting and it should  be included more people. Mr. Gilmor concluded that nowadays new tools are on exposal to get and to share information with the world, and journalists should use them as much as possible.

Photo: Tara Grb?i?

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