Pastry mystery

Bakeries are a daily destination for most Croats, but not for our foreign colleagues as well.

In Zagreb, where the most expensive bakery's meal cost less than 15 kunas, you can see people eating pastries everywhere you look, while in some other parts of Europe this kind of meal isn't so affordable.

"Bakeries in Prague are so expensive and people prefer to buy cheap unfrozen bread and pastry from the supermarkets", says Silvie Leštinská, an Erasmus student from Czech Republic.

That is the reason why Silvie, together with her colleagues Luisa Bernal,  Victor Martinez, Mislav Modronja and Cristina Ruiz were determined to unpuzzle the mystery of Croatian bakeries; why are they such a good business?

Authors: Silvie Leštinská, Luisa Bernal, Victor Martinez, Mislav Modronja, Cristina Ruiz