Ain’t no party like a FER party

There is no student in Zagreb who hasn’t heard of the FER’s brucošijada. It is, in fact, the biggest event of this type and is specific because the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing both visit and organize the event. About 200 volunteers of the unprofitable student association, the organization of FER students and the KSET Club are responsible for making this annual freshman party happen every November.

To thank the volunteers for their selfless help, Darjan Fiolić, Sandra Grego, Nika Pregelj, Marjolein Moes, Myroslava Mialova decided to present some of the heroes who keep this festival alive.

Anamarija, for instance, is already a veteran in here, since this is her fourth Brucošijada.

“This year I’m working for the video section so that means that  I’m helping in the cinema and that  I’m recording the concerts that are happening.”

Our second hero is Tonko, who, for some reason, had Cinderella written on his ID.

“It’s because, just like Cinderella, I lose my powers after midnight because I’m currently the person in charge for our hiking section, for students, and the next person that will be in charge for that section takes after midnight, explained Tonko.”  So obvious, of course!

Our team also caught the Mladen, volunteer whose job is ”to photograph people and capture the good atmosphere”.

Since the idea of FER’s brucošijada was created all the way back in the 1970s, this was already the 36th one (they had some breaks obviously). Although the original purpose of such parties was to attract female population to college, casual gigs were soon replaced by performances of renowned artists. This year’s performers were Krankšvester, Živo blato, Edo Majka, Gužva u 16-ercu, Alen Vitasović, Chui, M.O.R.T and many others.

Don’t worry if you missed the last Brucošijada, because the next one is already in preparation!
Until then, there is also a MoJo story to watch!

Authors: Darjan Fiolić, Sandra Grego, Nika Pregelj, Marjolein Moes, Myroslava Mialova