A museum that heals a broken heart

There is no a better place to learn about the relationships than a Museum of Broken Relationships. The Museum, shortly called Brokenship, is a eternal home for personal objects that once belonged to former lovers. All of this belongings were donated along with a brief description of their former owners’s (mostly sad) breakup story.

“A shoe, caterpillar puppet, garterbelts, garden dwarf, axe or ginerbread cookie are just few of its various and odd exhibits.”

Ditte Ilbrink, Júlia Bettuz, Karla Juničić and Adam Tesarski went to the center of Zagreb to learn more about this unusual museum.

They met Brokensip’s employee Mia Tepša, who explained the Museum’s concept.

“We dont discriminate. The items inside are not just about breakups between love couples, we also have the broken relationship between a parent and a child… “

What is probably the most interesting is the answer to the question of whether we can participate in the collection itself. Luckily, Mia has some good news.

“It is very simple. You just have to fill a short form online, print it, sign it and bring the item to us or send it by post.”

Authors: Ditte Ilbrink, Júlia Bettuz, Karla Juničić, Adam Tesarski