Multiplatform Storytelling Workshop


Na Fakultetu politi?kih znanosti održala se još jedna radionica – Multiplatform Storytelling Workshop. Radionica je pod vodstvom ameri?kog profesora Charlija Geeja. Studenti druge i tre?e godine u?ili su o na?inima snimanja pomo?u Iphonea, digitalnog fotoaparata i kamera. Studenti su sami pronalazili pri?e te ih samostalno snimali i montirali. Glavni je cilj bio da studenti nau?e kako prikazati vijesti na razli?itim platformama, a najve?i fokus bio je na internetu, pa tako imaju i svoju Facebook stranicu, ali i svoj kutak na stranicama TVS-a.


For this story to make sense, we need to go back on the first day of shooting in the city. We took our equipment in order to bring our viewers the story of the Ilica street, fourth longest street in Zagreb that connects city center and its periphery. After the whole day of shooting, when we transferred our material on computer, we realized that for the most part it was useless. Only few minutes of it were good enough to use. One more day on field was ahead of us. Second day was better. Better, not good. Frustrating part was that we had an idea, storyline, experts to talk to,…

Renovation at Sava

Everytime we come back from the field, proud of perfect framing, Grani? says picture is to dark. We go back to the field to correct our mistake, and return thrilled because we finally managed to figure out proper exposure. Grani? says our focus is a complete failure. The day after, we checked the framing twice, light and the focus also.   But then, Grani? says the composition is criminal.  It never gets us down. One thing is certain – even if we think we have done everything right, Grani? will always find something to complain about. Next year, Zagreb will host European University Games.  Sava, the infamous student dorm, was last…

Science guys

The statue of Baltazar, the famous cartoon character of our childhood, is an interesting novelty on the property of the Ru?er Boškovi? institute. But the real gems of the institute are its scientists. We met two of them near the Baltazar statue:  Marko Koši?ek and Fran Supek. Their stories are quite similar, they both had to work hard to complete their education crowned with a doctoral thesis. But this is where their story differs. Marko stayed in Croatia to work, while Fran decided to move to Barcelona. We wanted to know why. Why should we stay or why should we go? So it was decided, we are going to wrap…

Father’s day

We should appreciate our fathers everyday but on the 19th March we should appreciate them even more. That’s when Croats celebrate Father’s day. We went to check out how they are spending their special day.    

Symbiosis of TV and Radio

This morning on the rooftop of Faculty of Political Science something truly interesting happened. While some of the students from Workshop were editing, most of us were outside watching the passing eclipse. While we were joking and talking, someone brought contrabass outside and placed it on the ground. Because Radio Student has its studio on the same floor as a Workshop, so we share a rooftop, that contrabass on the floor wasn’t so weird. After a few minutes producer from the Radio Student came to us and said that it would be a good idea if we could film this band that came to the live performance on the radio….


Mixing work with pleasure was a good idea. In pursuit of a story, two southern girls decided to find a local guide to recommend them a traditional continental dish. So they ended up eating štrukle – and they loved them!    

Coffee culture

The second field assignment at our Multiplatform Storytelling Workshop with professor Charlie Gee was to go find a story.  Our team of Luka, Simona, Anamaria and Dolores decided it was the best to go downtown and see what’s the deal with Croats and coffee. As we thought we stumbled upon terraces filled with people in their daily ritual. Check it out!    

Croatia celebrates Father’s Day

Go and find a story, he said. You have 5 hours. No problem, we said. We have the camera, the crew, and an idea, so what could go wrong, right? Even if things go wrong, Ivana and I figured it is not going to be so hard since our “spiritual leader”, Slavko is here. He always manages to find a solution for every problem, but, not this time. Spring arrived early in the crowded streets of Zagreb. Old people on the benches, young couples on  picnics, children playing with their parents, each has its own way of enjoying it. On the 19th of March, the people of Croatia celebrate Father’s…

Miss Fortune

Panic. The day hasn’t even started and we are already ten minutes late.  Usually happy fellowship turned into four hobbits that are trying to reach their Mordor, the fifth floor of the building of the Faculty of political sciences. Without air, coffeine and any life left in our veins, we decided to elegantly remain calm so that the rest of the group wouldn’t think we are having a collective stroke. Once that we’ve finished the editing, and taken a look at our videos, we decided to take a 45 minute break so that we could revive our bodies and continue in the same rhythm. Because of the sunny day that…

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