MoJo workshop with the Zagreb students of Journalism

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I’ve just recently returned from a three day visit to Croatia where I joined Karol Cioma, Training Project Manager – Circom Regional and Darko Flajpan, senior broadcast trainer with HRT (Croatian TV) on an intensive MoJo course.

We had 15 television journalism students on the course from FPZG University, where a number of HRT Staff lecture. I was very impressed with the trainees – they committed 100% to the training sessions and each worked hard to squeeze the best from the two days. One of the students did a brief story on the course itself (Video on Vimeo below) all shot on iPhone4 with Fostex AR4i and edited on both iPad2 (iMovie and Avid Studio) and on a MacBookPro with FCPx.

It was a learning excercise for me too as we had issues with the firmware on several of the fostex units and the usual issues with battery and storage reared their ugly heads too. Ill be back with Circom for their annual conference in Malmo Sweden in May where Ill be delivering a keynote and workshop on MoJo with Karol Cioma.

 Glen Mulcahy

All Photographs © Darko Flajpan 2012

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