Miss Fortune

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Panic. The day hasn’t even started and we are already ten minutes late.  Usually happy fellowship turned into four hobbits that are trying to reach their Mordor, the fifth floor of the building of the Faculty of political sciences. Without air, coffeine and any life left in our veins, we decided to elegantly remain calm so that the rest of the group wouldn’t think we are having a collective stroke. Once that we’ve finished the editing, and taken a look at our videos, we decided to take a 45 minute break so that we could revive our bodies and continue in the same rhythm. Because of the sunny day that is a rarity during the March, everybody seemed a little bit more cheerful. Although, the truth is that everybody are pretty much depressed because the summer is not even in sight. Considering all of this, our again happy fellowship decided to look for happiness at the Zagreb paddock. Taught by the experience of talking with our dear fellow Croats, our expectations were equal to zero. However, miss goddess Fortuna reached to us and thusly ensured us another unforgettable experience. During one of our hopeless quest, she showed her face – glowing silhouette of a lady that made us happier than those few people from Ma?ugorje who were lucky enough to see the virgin Mary.


The story is about a very nice girl who was just about to go on her horse back riding training. She also allowed us to film her during all the preparations so that she could help us with our assignment. The shooting went on without any additional problems. Clear shots of wide frame, close ups, mediums, thigh shots and the behaviour of perfectly trained horses were combined with the great mood of the rider and even better mood of our little crew. All this secured one of the nicest days on this faculty. Full of joy, we returned to our faculty with the intention to edit all of the material on time, take a shower and go to sleep a little bit earlier so that we could rest and get ready for the challenges that are expecting us tomorrow. No. Everything cannot be perfect. It is 9 p.m. at the moment and the end is not really in sight. Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow. Until then, our regards.

Lucija Toši? i Tibor Trupec


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