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Medijska interaktivnost u vremensko-prostornoj isprepletenosti. Kako smisleno povezati iluzorni i realni prostor i što je u tom slu?aju ono “tamo” i ovo “ovdje”?

Peter Weibel ovako objašnjava ovaj svoj video (The Endless Sandwich , 1969):

Between the TV set and viewer, a function exists whereby the user switches on and off the appliance. I have reproduced this function and made it the content of the TV programme. Sandwich character of real process and reproduction process, of reflection and action. On the screen, a series of viewers is seen sitting in front of TV sets. A fault occurs in the last set shown, meaning the next viewer has to get up in order to repair the fault. This repair brings about a disruption in the next viewer’s screen. The disruption propagates itself until it reaches the real TV set, meaning the real viewer has to rise and eliminate the fault. Time delay: the real procedure is the conclusion of the reproduced procedure. (Media Art Net)


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