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„In the last twenty years, the awareness of importance of cultural and creative industries steadily increases. In addition to being drivers of cultural diversity in Europe, creative and cultural industries are one of the most dynamic sectors in the EU economy.“ (EY, 2014)

International authors and creators conference “MAKK” was held in Zagreb, trying to give some answers about copyrights and strugles authors have in sharing their content online.


You’re watching this video for free, but just few clicks away, some author probably made a video and he wants to be paid for it. He would like to get paid for his creative work, and copyrights are making it possible. Every person that makes creative content needs to make money of it, if he or she wants to do so. Copyrights are his tool, but it became a constant fight witj internet and social media on which his content is viewed, liked and shared every day.

Croatian Composers’ Society and its Collective Management Service (HDS – ZAMP), with Croatian Copyright Society (HDAP-ALAI), organized the 3rdInternational Authors’ Creative Conference (MAKK), on November 26th & 27th2015, in Zagreb Contemporary Arts Museum (MSU).

MAKK stands as a unique gathering of authors and creators, and aims to address most relevant topics from the creative industries’ domain and from the domain of author’s right and related rights. With institutions’ and associations’ representatives and prominent public figures from Croatia and the region, the conference will continue the tradition of hosting many respectable authors, creators and experts from other EU countries.



Andy Wright, British producer who worked with artists like Simply Red, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, Eurythmics and many other globally famous music stars, in his presentation addressed his former and present successful projects with major music stars in the last three decades, and his role in their success. He also talked about the global state of the music industry, the future and the prospects of music and music industry, specifically on the potential of Croatian musicians and musicians from this region in the European and global market.



There is only one man who is so familiar with each segment of the Croatian music industry from personal experience – Miroslav Škoro. He is the most successful songwriter of tambouritza and pop music, performer, record label owner, music publisher, showman, former MP who knows how the policy and lobbying in Croatia works. In his lecture, Škoro discussed the importance of intellectual property for an individual and the society in which he creates. He explained the relationship between the author, collective management organizations, music users, as well as the role of state institutions in all of this.


Frano Živkovi? is the youngest Croatian author. He is a eleven year old award-winning musician who started showing his musical talent at the age of two and has been playing various instruments since the age of three. As a multi-instrumentalist he plays violin, piano, and his greatest love – guitar.

At age of five Frano held his first solo classical guitar concert at the Music Academy of Zagreb. Frano has won several international competitions in music theory and classical guitar. So far he has performed more than a hundred times at various events, concerts, festivals, TV shows and radio broadcasts, and organized and participated in charity projects. “It’s a Secret” is Frano’s first release as a solo guitarist and composer. All compositions on this album are written and performed by Frano Zivkovic at the age of 10.


Conferences like this are very important to emphasize how important copyrights are. Authors and creators should know it, as well as everyone who wants to share their creative content online.



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