Hrelić Guide

Spending money to buy something that holds a certain meaning to another person is a form of social contact and a very fast and effective way to see what life in a certain town is essentially like.
Hreli? Flea market is such a place in Zagreb. On a Wednesday or Sunday morning, Hreli? is the source of great fun, but also one of the best places in Zagreb to find antique furniture, vintage clothes, old vinyl records, great book collections and many other things. Just think of something specific that you want to buy and you’ll probably find it there. It’s a place that offers almost everything, from a needle to ship. But you have to get up relatively early because everybody goes home at noon. Since the prices are really low and you can get quite an interesting object for 5 or 10 kn, all the best things are sold out quickly, so the best thing to do is go there as early as possible. Even Erasmus students visited Hreli?, to see if they could really find everything there.

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