How to keep connection

Júlia from Brazil often uses her watch to communicate with her parents, which is not quite common in Croatian culture. Yet, she doesn’t mind anymore the puzzled looks on random passersbys’ faces, who think Júlia talks with her hands.

“I recieved a call from my mum and three people just stopped and kept staring at me. Then they started talking among themselves. I don’t know what they talked ’cause I don’t understand Croatian, but it was really embarassing”, remembers Júlia.

It wasn’t just Júlia who faced a communication problem while being on an exchange program. Just like her Brazilian colleague, Ditte from Netherlands also has her own ways to contact her family and friends.

“Since everybody is really busy in Netherlands, it is hard to do a Skype call, so i like to do little Vlogs with the recordings with my own voice. It is just faster than typing all things down; it is a bit long, boring”, admits Ditte.

Adam, who’s also an exchange student, observes that staying in touch with our close ones isn’t a big deal financially, since Croatia is part of the European Union. What bothers our students the most is actually the lack of time to communicate.

That being said, our journalists prepared a few extremely useful tips on how to stay in touch with your family and friends.

Authors: Karla Juničić, Ditte Ilbrink, Julia Betuz, Adam Tesarski