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For this story to make sense, we need to go back on the first day of shooting in the city. We took our equipment in order to bring our viewers the story of the Ilica street, fourth longest street in Zagreb that connects city center and its periphery. After the whole day of shooting, when we transferred our material on computer, we realized that for the most part it was useless. Only few minutes of it were good enough to use. One more day on field was ahead of us. Second day was better. Better, not good. Frustrating part was that we had an idea, storyline, experts to talk to, weather was good, all in all, we had a good time. In theory we knew how to frame, in what position camera should be, how to manage light and sound, we knew theory and on field it all seemed good. But on computer when we watched it after the whole day, we wanted to cry. Determined to succeed we started editing. It went good, our report was approved and we were finishing.

Then, first person looked at it and pointed mistakes. All I will say is that I wanted to “select all“ press “delete” on our keyboard. But we stood behind our work. We are still standing. It is our story, our way to tell it. It is beginners way, but we are beginners, we can’t escape that. The worst thing is that someone will change it to a point it won’t be ours any more. Is that the goal? To wait someone more experienced to correct piece of work, without explaining why. Changing it to the point that name of creator can be changed. If that’s so, give me time to decide if I want to be storyteller on TV media.

Good thing is that we met a person who could lead us through our mistakes in order to learn, someone who will give us suggestions and explanations, someone who is willing to learn along with us. This is something like if you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Thank you professor Gee for  teaching us how to fish.

Luka Miha?i?

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