FPZG Hosted the Opening of a Regional Media Conference

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Faculty of Political Sciences was the host of the opening of A Regional Media Conferenc. That conference is co-organized by the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy Zagreb, and the Croatian Journalists Association. U.S. Embassy donated equipment to students’ TV Studio at University of Zagreb Faculty of Political Sciences/ Journalism Department, so that was the second good reason for gathering. The special guests of the conference opening were U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten, Co-Director of New England Center for Investigative Reporting Joe Bergantino, and Croatian Journalists Association president Zdenko Duka.

The Dean of FPZG. Photo: Maja ?irjak

The Opening was moderated by one of our journalism students, Ivana Gutierrez. The first speaker at the opening was the Dean of Faculty of Political sciences, Nenad Zakošek, welcomed everyone and thanked the Embassy for donation and expressed his happiness about long collaboration. Zdenko Duka said that the future of journalism was in the hands of the students. After he said hello in Croatian, Ambassador Merten quoted Thomas Jefferson:

“You can’t have the newspapers without the government or the government without newspapers, but if I had to choose, I would choose the second option.”

Jelena Berkovi?, Dan Gillmor, Joshua Benton and Tim Gerhardson  —  Photo: Maja ?irjak

In that way, he pointed out the meaning of free journalism and democracy. Next speaker was Joe Bergantino. He talked about his love for journalism, which was born when he was eight. At one point, he was unhappy with the condition in journalism, so he decided to make a difference. That is how the Center was found. He ended his speach with wise advices:

“Be creative, make a difference, know what you want and find a way to make it!”

At the end, students of Faculty of Political Sciences had a presentation about their faculty. Nataša Vidakovi? and Filip Fortuna showed a video about the way students work and promo-video of the Faculty. Thanks to them, the conference opening finished with big applause.

Photo: Maja ?irjak

Take a look at a slideshot of photos from the opening and two videos of the speakers:

Slideshow from the Conference opening on FPZG from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

Ambasador from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

Joe Bergantino from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

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