Erasmus portraits

They are Myroslava, Nika and Marjolein, and this is their story.

Sandra Grego and Darjan Fiolić made a short story of their Erasmus colleagues, who took a chance to answer some FAQ about their experience in Croatia. Most common one was, as expected, why Zagreb?

“I wanted to explore new places and also improve my english”, Myroslava Mialova admitted.

“I came here just because I like the city. Many people asked me why I came here, because it is really close to my hometown Ljubljana”, Nika Pregelj simply explained.

“I always wanted to study something in journalism and Zagreb was the only place where I could go to study it”, Marjolein Moes is sincere.

To learn more about this interesting girls and their favorite places in the City, you’ll have to watch the video.

Authors: Sandra Grego, Darjan Fiolić