Erasmus intern at Maksimir ZOO

Meet Tobias, Erasmus student from Netherlands. Tobias is studying animal management and his major is wildlife management,  which teaches you how to strike a balance between the needs of wild animals and the needs of people. Those who specialize in wildlife management learn how to establish that balance by acting as an intermediary between humans and animals. The specialisation prepares them for a career in managing animal populations, either in their natural habitat (in situ) or in breeding centres and zoos (ex situ). Wildlife managers possess a broad mix of skills and knowledge, ranging from ecology, population biology and nature conservation to project management, organisation techniques and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).  So, it’s no wonder that Tobias chose Maksimir for his internship in Zagreb. Take a look at what his usual day at the ZOO looks like. And also, check out the MoJo – behind the scenes story.


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