Erasmus Christmas

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Most citizens of Croatia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany celebrate Christmas. Although at first it seems that all we celebrate Christmas in a similar way, our Erasmus students are here to reassure us.

Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi?, Anna Will and Sarah Krka collected some interesting facts about celebrating Christmas in their countries and compared Advent in Croatia, i.e. Zagreb, with their homeland advent.

“It is not like this in Germany. We don’t like to light everything up so much”, Anna says.

Students also shared with us what they like about celebrating Christmas in Croatia. Anita noticed another feature of Croatian advent;

“I’m not sure why I like Christmas in Croatia. Maybe because it’s so romantic.”

Despite all the differences, something is still the same in all these countries:

“We like to drink hot wine!”, Maksym concluded.

While finishing up the leftovers of the Christmas feast and Christmas cookies remains as well, enjoy the story of our dear students!


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