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To put your material in the right way, so it can be understood in the way it was meant to be, is probably the hardest part in film making. In our head it is very clear. We know, more or less, what shots and what sounds we want to use. Knowing editing we know how to put all of our ideas in unity. Even it is very hard and sometimes boring, it is very important.

Good editing, usually one we don’t think too much about while watching film is what separates bad from good and good from excellent film. With power of editing we suggest viewers what they should feel and what they should think about. The most important thing is that viewers do not notice it or even think about it. We need to get their attention and keep it the whole time. Editing is often underestimated. That’s probably because not many people know how to do it, at least not how to do it well.

Most of us on this workshop are not very experienced with editing so we spent the whole afternoon trying to figure it out. It was bit frustrating but the feeling to see our work in whole is truly amazing. We are just at the beginning so we are aware that there is many more afternoons in front of us to figure out how to show viewers exactly what we want them to see and feel while watching. We are getting there.


Luka Miha?i?

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