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How far can you go only using your wits, drive and the smartphone in your pocket?  What happens when stories meet mobile media?

More than you can even dare to imagine.

The news industry has been using mobile devices for reporting and day after day it has been changing the way news are not only produced, but also consumed. But it’s not only the news that are changing – it’s the way journalists tell stories about anything they want the world to know.

Mobile and digital technologies offer endless possibilites in the creation of multimedia and interactive storytelling. A journalist in the field has an opportunity to use many new accessories and apps that have the potential to help him tell a story in a more compelling, creative and effective way.

Mobile storytelling has a transformative potential to connect people, content and places. The nature of narrative is constantly changing in the age of mobile media – it has the ability to involve audiences in new and fascinating ways. The available tools and apps are user-friendly and simple and enable reporters to focus on the content and the story they wish to tell.

This course aims to teach young and future professionals how to create compelling, unforgettable and creative visual stories using mobile technologies, but also how to use them to become better journalists and storytellers.


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