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Our Erasmus buddies have decided to share their experiences about life in Zagreb and the best way to start is by showing us what living in student dorms is like. For those of you who didn’t know, Cvjetno naselje is a neighbourhood where a lot of students reside; it has 8 pavillions with more than 1800 beds. Naturally, it’s not just a place where students go to sleep and get up in the morning, it also contains a gym, where students can work out and stay fit. It’s fair to mention that you can also find a doctor’s office and a dentist there, and if you want to polish your English, German, French, Russian, Spanish or Italian, you can join language courses there. And don’t forget the student caffeteria and a cafe, where you can grab something to eat or drink, or simply socialize with your buddies. So take a look at what our Erasmus students liked the most about living in Zagreb and also make sure to check out their MoJo – Behind Cvjetno Guide, which they filmed using only a mobile phone. For those of you who didn’t know, MoJo is short for Mobile Journalism, a term that emerged during the last couple of years. It stands for a form of new media storytelling in which reporters use portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones, to gather, edit and distribute news. For more information about how to get started in mobile journalism, visit the site below.


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