CroID: The Journey continues 2015

The main focus of the magazine is a search for the Croatian Identity. The main location for the journalists stand ups is Sava River – from the border with Slovenia to the east, towards the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
The students were working hard to pick up interesting stories, stories that would be interesting for someone who doesn’t know enough about Croatia and people of Croatia. The magazine covers various segments of the life in the new EU country? Has anything changed after Croatia joined European Union? How the life looks like in Slavonski Brod, at the border of EU and non-EU? How the textile workers of Kamensko factory after the fall of their company started their own business. Why some Croatians want to leave the country and why some international people chose Zagreb for their home? Through the life of young student, the magazine brings the story about the Muslim minority in Croatia. And of course, Croatia is also a tourist destination. And not only famous by its see and the coast, but also Zagreb becomes the favourite place for young backpackers.

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