Croatian coffee culture

Three girls, Erasmus students from two different countries, joined by their mutual appreciation for a warm cup of everyone’s favourite caffeinated beverage. I’m guessing by now you all know that I’m talking about coffee. Whether its dark, strong espresso, or foamy, sweet cappuccino, even maybe some of those Starbucks’ special flavors, most of you will agree that almost everyone’s senses get tingly as soon as you smell it’s delicious aroma. Everyday errands are easier to do with just a little bit of a coffee buzz. However, having coffee in Croatia is very different than in Lithuania or Germany. It is a fundamental social activity, upon which people share their interests, have small talks or deep, meaningful conversations or simply use the given occasion to catch up. It’s often enjoyed with best friends and family.  But when these three girls ordered a coffee, they didn’t exactly receive what they asked for. See how they reacted and what the problem was.


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