Croatia celebrates Father’s Day

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Go and find a story, he said. You have 5 hours.
No problem, we said. We have the camera, the crew, and an idea, so what could go wrong, right?
Even if things go wrong, Ivana and I figured it is not going to be so hard since our “spiritual leader”, Slavko is here. He always manages to find a solution for every problem, but, not this time.

Spring arrived early in the crowded streets of Zagreb. Old people on the benches, young couples on  picnics, children playing with their parents, each has its own way of enjoying it.
On the 19th of March, the people of Croatia celebrate Father’s Day. In the most of the world, this day is celebrated in late June. Luckily, Google reminded us about it. Otherwise, it would probably go unnoticed.  It’s interesting, isn’t it? Mother’s Day is celebrated across the globe, but you need Google to remind you of your father.

We decided to give it a shot, and went to the Maksimir park to try figure out if Croatian fathers celebrated their day. And you know what? They really do.
There are happy familys everywhere. But happiness turns to sadness when our camera shows up.
Yup, even Slavko couldn’t save the day this time.

People in Zagreb just don’t like to be filmed. with or without their children. And it is quite complicated to make a story when nobody wants to speak in front of the camera. We spent  much time on Maksimir benches trying to figure out what to do. And we didn’t.
We just turned on the camera, and hoped Slavko will work his magic.

We are here now, in our little studio, waiting for the material to be transfered to the computer.
Our goal is to show to all the Croatian fathers they are appreciated and they matter.
Even though they would like to go unnoticed, little did they know, they are dealing with the Slavko’s crew.

Iva Buci?

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