Cinema Guide

There are plenty od cinemas in Zagreb, yet not enough time to visit them all. Especially if you are an exchange student who wants to see everything that Zagreb is offering.

That is the reason why Sarah Krka, Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šarčević and Anna Will have made this short Cinema Guide, so you can easily choose the Cinema of  your taste.

Whether you choose the glamorous experience of watching a movie in the Kaptol Boutique Cinema or diving into a real indie experience in the Kino Europa, surely you will not make a mistake. The representatives of both cinemas are unanimous: their cinema is the best cinema in Zagreb. To find out who’s right, you’ll have to watch the video.

Authors: Sarah Krka, Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šarčević, Anna Will