Shooting the video If you thought you needed to go out and buy a proffesional video camera or to make a video, think again! Sometimes, the best camera is the one you have with you. You can shoot high quality video that’s ready to edit and upload to your website using the  smartphone camera, but if you just pull it out of your pocket and click record, chances are the end result will not look up to snuff. Weather you are shooting with camera, DSLR or your smartphone if you don’t know the basics there is a possibility that your footage will be bad. Here are some quick tips for getting the most out…

Media literacy

In filmmaking and video production, a shot is a series of frames, that runs for an uninterrupted period of time. Film shots are an essential aspect of a movie where angles, transitions and cuts are used to further express emotion, ideas and movement. The term “shot” can refer to two different parts of the filmmaking process: In production, a shot is the moment that the camera starts rolling until the moment it stops. In film editing, a shot is the continuous footage or sequence between two edits or cuts Combination of different shots creates a sequence. In next video you can see sequences made from various shots created by students of Faculty of…


Light is the “raw material” for creating visual images. Everything related to vision is related to light. Whether the medium is still photography, motion film, video or computer-generated images, light forms the basis of everything you see. It is important to think of lighting not as something extra which is added in some situations, but as a fundamental part of all visual media production. In next video we will try to explain highlighting color temperature, types of shadows, and 3 point (triangle) lighting. https://vimeo.com/130480223

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