How far can you go only using your wits, drive and the smartphone in your pocket?  What happens when stories meet mobile media? More than you can even dare to imagine. The news industry has been using mobile devices for reporting and day after day it has been changing the way news are not only produced, but also consumed. But it’s not only the news that are changing – it’s the way journalists tell stories about anything they want the world to know. Mobile and digital technologies offer endless possibilites in the creation of multimedia and interactive storytelling. A journalist in the field has an opportunity to use many new accessories and…

Go mobile: Producing Visual Stories with the your smartphone

Smartphone is able to shoot amazing high definition video, act as a basic editing suite, apply professional-looking finishes and then instantly distribute the material around the globe. Communication professionals, from journalists to social media acolytes, are now ditching bulky video kits to rely on what they have in theirs pockets. The question, though, is how to overcome its inherent limitations and transform it into the ultimate ally.


Creating videos that people want to share is one of the most effective ways to grow an audience on Internet. It’s powerful because people are learning about you from the people they trust the most — their friends, family and followers. When viewers see videos that they relate to, they’re often excited to pass along the concept to their friends, family and followers. They like to communicate, “Hey, this video shows the way I feel.” If you can create a video or series that evokes this feeling, you might trigger shares among viewers.    

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