Croatian Bar Experience

People in Croatia’s capital city always give themselves time to linger and socialise over drinks. Whatever the time of the year, bars in Zagreb are always raising and lowering their banners across the city centre. But Joakim i Julie noted some differences between bars in Croatia and bars in Sweden and Germany. They decided to visit Craft room and experience the differences firsthand. Those of you who’ve been wondering about the beer selection in Craft room should definitely check it out, so take a look before you see it for yourselves!

Hrelić Guide

Spending money to buy something that holds a certain meaning to another person is a form of social contact and a very fast and effective way to see what life in a certain town is essentially like. Hreli? Flea market is such a place in Zagreb. On a Wednesday or Sunday morning, Hreli? is the source of great fun, but also one of the best places in Zagreb to find antique furniture, vintage clothes, old vinyl records, great book collections and many other things. Just think of something specific that you want to buy and you’ll probably find it there. It’s a place that offers almost everything, from a needle to…

Street Art

Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. But when you paint something on the street, it is no longer your own – it becomes public property.  Erasmus students took a look at the street art scene in Zagreb. They talked with ordinary people on the street and with some of the street artists. One of the most prominent places where street art is shown is the wall in Branimirova street, also known as the Street Art Museum. It was started in 2010, and since then different artists have collaborated in making the wall what it is today – a…

Zagreb Film Festival

Zagreb Film Festival this year for the first time, instead of traditional October, takes place in November on the usual city locations. Erasmus students visited some of them and talked to directors who participated in this year’s edition. Since the very beginning, Zagreb Film Festival has been programmatically focused on the presentation and promotion of debut films and new filmmakers. For those who didn’t know, Zagreb Film Festival is held since 2003 and it regularly features several international competition programs – feature films, short films and documentary films, with one short film competition program for Croatian filmmakers. It often hosts non-competitive screenings, like debut works made by established film directors or selections…

Erasmus on Christmas

Christmas or as some may refer to it, the most wonderful time of the year, is usually time to go back home and celebrate the holidays with family and friends. But not for Erasmus students here in Zagreb who simply can’t go back home. This is the story about five Erasmus students from Brazil and Kazakhstan who met here in Zagreb, became friends and now share their first Christmas experience abroad.

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