How to keep connection

Júlia from Brazil often uses her watch to communicate with her parents, which is not quite common in Croatian culture. Yet, she doesn’t mind anymore the puzzled looks on random passersbys’ faces, who think Júlia talks with her hands. “I recieved a call from my mum and three people just stopped and kept staring at me. Then they started talking among themselves. I don’t know what they talked ’cause I don’t understand Croatian, but it was really embarassing,” remembers Júlia. It wasn’t just Júlia who faced a communication problem while being on an exchange program. Just like her Brazilian colleague, Ditte from Netherlands also has her own ways to contact…

Croatian Pronunciation

For many people who aren’t Croatian, Croatian language can be pretty tricky to learn. Although learning can be a fun experience, it’s not easy to come to a whole different country, especially when you don’t know a single word of their language or any people there. For foreign students, the problem is not just the language barrier, it’s also trying to adapt to an entirely different environment and in some cases, an entirely different culture. It takes a lot of courage and determination to attend your college courses and do your college chores in a foreign country, while trying to fit in and get to know people. It’s easy to get…


ERASMUS GUIDE Croaticum from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. When you come here it is natural that you need to learn some useful phrases, in order to communicate with locals. Here in Zagreb there is one place which can help you with this – CROATICUM, a place where foreign students can learn and master their Croatian speaking skills. You can test your knowledge through various exams and exercises and get involved in many different activities for students. Besides learning the language, you can also get to know more about Croatian culture. For further information, visit the site below.  

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