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Bookworms’ Paradise

If you’re desperately looking for a perfect place to drink coffee and simply relax while reading your new favorite book, seek no more!  Mislav Modronja, Luisa Bernal, Silvie Leštinská, Victor Martinez and Cristina Ruiz found you one! It’s location is the Marti?eva street in Zagreb, and here’s why visiting Booksa should find its way to your bucket list.  “Booksa is a community place. They come here to study, to socialize, to maybe stay for some of the events that we either host or produce ourselves”, Booksa manager Ana Profeta explains what brings her guests to the café. Booksa is a a place rented by an NGO non-profit organization. Therefore, their relationship with customers differs from other…

To craft or not to craft – Another brewing mystery

  You’re not a real hipster until you switch to craft beer. Hipsters or not, Egl? Šatkauskait?, Olivia Klochko, Florian Schäfer and Tobias Kaim decided to explore the beer habits in Europe by visiting Zagreb Craft Beer Week. Craft beer us definitely ”A thing” in Europe nowadays. On the other hand, there is a growing number of festivals around the world, and Croatia is no exception. Taking this into consideration, it was not surprising to hear about the new craft beer festival in Zagreb. Our reporters went to the venue to meet with the main actors of the event and ask them why is this craft beer movement becoming louder and…

Erasmus Christmas

Most citizens of Croatia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany celebrate Christmas. Although at first it seems that all we celebrate Christmas in a similar way, our Erasmus students are here to reassure us. Anita Fudalej, Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi?, Anna Will and Sarah Krka collected some interesting facts about celebrating Christmas in their countries and compared Advent in Croatia, i.e. Zagreb, with their homeland advent. “It is not like this in Germany. We don’t like to light everything up so much”, Anna says. Students also shared with us what they like about celebrating Christmas in Croatia. Anita noticed another feature of Croatian advent; “I’m not sure why I like Christmas in…

Vegan in Zagreb: Mission impossible?

Although it’s quite difficult to have a diet that differs from the majority’s nutrition, being a vegan is getting easier all around the world, even in Zagreb.  This is why FPZG’s Erasmus students Egl? Šatkauskait?, Olivia Klochko , Florian Schäfer and Tobias Kaim decided to show some of the nutritional options in the City. They asked their friend Birgit to share her experience as a vegan, as well as to show them where to buy cheap yet high quality groceries and, of course, how to prepare them too. It is commonly known that vegan nutrition is way more expensive than nonvegetarian, especially for the ones considering clean eating non-negotiable, but…

Cat Caffe is (not) just for the cat ladies

  Ditte Ilbrink, Júlia Bettuz, Karla Junicic and Adam Tesarski all love cats and coffee. Interestingly, there is a caffe that combines both. Cat Caffe is a place in Zagreb where you can cuddle with cats when they’re in the mood (probably never) and also drink coffee when you’re in the mood (mostly always).  Even if you’re not a cat person, this video may encourage you to become one. If you are wondering how did the making of went, there’s also a MoJo!  


Winter has come, Christmas is over, but there’s one thing to keep our bellies full, our bodies warm and our faces smiling and it’s sarma! 😀  Originally from the former Ottoman Empire, sarma is a dish traditionally served in countries all the way from Middle East to the Balkans and Central Europe. The word sarma comes from Turkish language, from the verb sarmak, which, roughly translated means ”to wrap” or ”to roll”. Naturally, it is made with minced meat wrapped with cabbage leaves; in Croatia, sarma is usually made with minced pork or beef meat mixed with rice, wrapped with cabbage leaves and served with mashed potatoes. Every country has its own…

Croatian Beer Drinking Guide

Croatian people are well known for their love of beer. In general, beer is more popular in the inland, while people on the coast prefer wine. There are few brands that can be found in most of the country.  Classic Croatian brands Ožujsko and Karlova?ko have over 100-year histories. To give you an insight of what Croatian beer you should try out, Erasmus students have tested several Croatian beer brands and made a list of the top 9 Croatian beers. What is your favourite Croatian beer? Tell us in the comment section below

Croatian Bar Experience

People in Croatia’s capital city always give themselves time to linger and socialise over drinks. Whatever the time of the year, bars in Zagreb are always raising and lowering their banners across the city centre. But Joakim i Julie noted some differences between bars in Croatia and bars in Sweden and Germany. They decided to visit Craft room and experience the differences firsthand. Those of you who’ve been wondering about the beer selection in Craft room should definitely check it out, so take a look before you see it for yourselves!

Croatian coffee culture

Three girls, Erasmus students from two different countries, joined by their mutual appreciation for a warm cup of everyone’s favourite caffeinated beverage. I’m guessing by now you all know that I’m talking about coffee. Whether its dark, strong espresso, or foamy, sweet cappuccino, even maybe some of those Starbucks’ special flavors, most of you will agree that almost everyone’s senses get tingly as soon as you smell it’s delicious aroma. Everyday errands are easier to do with just a little bit of a coffee buzz. However, having coffee in Croatia is very different than in Lithuania or Germany. It is a fundamental social activity, upon which people share their interests, have small talks…

Mulled wine, Glühwein, hot wine?

Everybody knows what mulled wine is, or hot wine aka. Glühwein, if you prefer. It is a hot drink typically served during the winter. You can also find it in Zagreb on it’s different Christmas Markets and of course in a lot of bars and cafes . But, besides the taste of its cinnamon spiced aroma, do you know who invented it? Do you know how to make it? Erasmus students are trying to explain the tradition of hot wine in Zagreb on it’s Christmas markets. They compared the Croatian hot wine with wine in Germany, Poland and Sweden.


ERASMUS GUIDE Restaurant from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Croatia, and the whole Balkan is known for rich and various cuisine. Croatia, as historical Austrian-Hungarian sphere of influence has very specific cuisine with Vienna styled roots. Thanks to mediterranean culture on the coast we can try the best fish meals in that part of Europe. Although with Ottoman Empire sphere of influence nearby, some meals are entirely of Turkish origin. Erasmus students were interested in what kind of food Croats eat nowadays and see what they found out.


ERASMUS GUIDE Menza from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Menza is the best place you can imagine after long day of classes. With a special student card you get from 50% to 70% discount for all food in there. Of course, the food may not be the best you ever tasted, but still, you get a warm, cooked meal for a really low price. But menza is not only a place where students go to eat, it’s also a top spot for students to socialize and connect with other classmates.

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