Meet Sarah

  Meet Sarah Krka, a German student of Bosnian origin. Even though her parents were born and raised in Tuzla, the war in 1991. chased them away in Berlin, Germany. A few years later, Germany became Sarah’s homeland, but every year she is visiting her family in Bosnia. This year, Sarah came to Croatia to learn about Croatian culture and language, while staying in a dorm to get the ”full student experience”. Her colleagues Maksym Sytnikov, Tena Šar?evi?, Anita Fudalej and  Anna Will helped Sarah to tell a story about herself. Also, take a look at the MoJo about the making of Sarah’s story.

Cvjetno Guide

Our Erasmus buddies have decided to share their experiences about life in Zagreb and the best way to start is by showing us what living in student dorms is like. For those of you who didn’t know, Cvjetno naselje is a neighbourhood where a lot of students reside; it has 8 pavillions with more than 1800 beds. Naturally, it’s not just a place where students go to sleep and get up in the morning, it also contains a gym, where students can work out and stay fit. It’s fair to mention that you can also find a doctor’s office and a dentist there, and if you want to polish your English,…

…on Erasmus by Michal

Djevojke u ljetnim haljinama … on Erasmus. Erasmus is one and only in its kind experience. From the very begging of my studies, I knew that I want to go somewhere abroad to study, meet people and new culture. After many hours of thinking I decided that going to ‘Western” countries is going to be pointless. These countries are really well known and besides that my financial status would not let me to take everything from this time, what would like to experience. Suddenly somewhere in December our local Erasmus coordinator announced that there is one more destination to choose – Zagreb. Without unnecessary dilemmas I have chosen Zagreb. What was coming…

ERASMUS GUIDE Accommodation

ERASMUS GUIDE Private accomodation from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. If you need to find a place to live and want to avoid living in a dormitory or you just didn’t get a place in there, you can find private apartment or just share a room with someone. Apartments are not too expensive and allow you to keep your privacy. We asked Karina to tell you more about it.

ERASMUS GUIDE Stjepan Radic dorm

ERASMUS GUIDE Student dorm Stjepan Radi? from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. After comming to Zagreb you have to face the question which is going to effect your whole life in here, you have to decide where are you going to live. There is couple of options like diffrent dormitories or private apartament. If you want to live in dormitory, remember to book it sooner becasue there is never enough space. Anyway let’s see the video about Stjepan Radic Dormitory.  

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