A day in 5 lives

Day 4 – Passion of Lovers

Your are waiting for this moment a long time, you are trying to be funny and romantic for her. Finally you have this perfect date, everything goes as planned, but stress can screw up this magical moment. 4.- Passion of Lovers from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

Day 3 – Royale with Cheese

Food is so important in our life.  People are going crazy when  they are hungry. This Tarantino´s style story shows perfectly that you are not yourself when you are hungry and that you might screw up your roommate also. 3. Royale with Cheese from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

Day 2 – Great Student

All of us pretend to study. Students usually spend a lot of time just to think how to study… Thinking is  always tiresome. Sometimes its better to fall sleep and count for miracle… 2. The Great Student from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

Day 1 – Freeze

When you live in dormitory you must be ready for various adventures. Sharing room with someone can be complicated . Your never know what can happen. 1. Freeze from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

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