Bookworms’ paradise

If you’re desperately looking for a perfect place to drink coffee and simply relax while reading your new favorite book, seek no more!  It’s location is the Martićeva street in Zagreb, and here’s why visiting Booksa should find its way to your bucket list.

 “Booksa is a community place. They come here to study, to socialize, to maybe stay for some of the events that we either host or produce ourselves”, Booksa manager Ana Profeta explains what brings her guests to the café.

Booksa is a a place rented by an NGO non-profit organization. Therefore, their relationship with customers differs from other café’s business policy.

“We create a community feeling among people who come to Booksa, we get to know all of them…Sometimes we actually function as a networking place because we know people, we know what their study or what they do or what are their interests, so we can connect them”, Ana adds.

Better than Facebook, right? But, this lovely library-inspired café is not great just for socializing. If you’re introverted or just in need for some ”me time”, this is also a place for you.

“This is an equivalent of what a European café should look like. It has that sense of a cozy place where you can study, have coffee, drink tea, and, you know, be chill”, concluded Mislav while filming the story.

Authors: Mislav Modronja, Luisa Bernal, Silvie Leštinská, Victor Martinez, Cristina Ruiz