Bergantino: “Situation in the media here is not good, but have hope!”

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After the „non-conference“ session about investigative journalism ended, the third panel started. First presenter was Zeljko Ivankovic, Editor-in-Chief of Banka magazine, who was talking about what exactly relevant information is. Relevant news is relevant not only for journalists, but for scientists, military and business people. Ivankovic’s presentation contained three parts.

Non conference session — Photo: Maja ?irjak

First was about the notion of relevance, it was an abstract analysis. Mr. Ivankovic pointed out philosophy of relevance, the logic of relevance, and connection between duty and relevance. Second part was about the principle that says facts are sacred, comments are free. Mr. Ivankovic thought that principle doesn’t hold any more.

Third part was a story about a brief argument with Croatian TV journalist on Wikipedia. For Mr. Ivankovic, Wikipedia is one of the greatest achievements in human history. He concluded that today people are better informed, but they also need to fight for their jobs more often than before.

Zeljko Ivankovic, editor-in-chief of Banka magazine — Photo: Tara Grb?i?

Zeljko Ivankovic was followed by Joe Bergantino, co-director of New England Center for Investigative Reporting.  His speech was an answer to complains from journalists and guests from the non-conference session. He also commented on the current situation in media in this Region and he mentioned many journalists who had lost their jobs.  Mr. Bergantino compared destiny of journalists in our region to U.S. situation. In Russia, the situation was even worse, he said.

Bergantino talking about passion in journalism — Photo: Tara Grb?i?

He also said that he was aware of the fact that the news in new media cannot be paid. Mr. Berganitno mantioned that he didn’t have a big sponsor (a “Sugar Daddy”), either.  Mr. Bergantino concluded his speech with the words that we need to think about what can we do and not just complaining.  His message is to have a hope.

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