Benton, Gilmor and Marko Rakar on how to establish credibility, maintain quality and become profitable

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Joshua Benton, Dan Gillmor, Marko Rakar — Photo by: Oriana Španovi?

The second day of the Conference about traditional values in the new media environment has started. The first speaker was Joshua Benton whose presentation was about new for-profit models. He mentioned different approaches about how to launch independent news media and create independent news source online.  One approach could be picking one particular niche, for example the site which is simply covering only politics.

Mr. Benton highlighted that everything is about organizing. Onwards, something local is sometimes the best niche to start from, for example Somerville Patch, the community news site covering Somerville. Another approach could be a video startup. Nowadays, there is a lot of video advertising. But the most important thing about video approach is: creating a video. Mr. Benton concluded that there is the problem of information overload in today’s media.

Mr. Joshua Benton’s speech was followed by Mr. Dan Gilmor‘s presentation about entrepreneurial journalism and joining the startup culture. First of all, he told us that advertising is the most important part of every online startup. He also thinks that today it doesn’t cost much to start the new job, but no one will invest in an idea anymore. Mr. Gilmor also explained us what he had learned with two startups and concluded that journalists should find and follow creativity, for example in putting ideas online on some web site. He finished his speech with thought that failing doesn’t mean that the journalist’s career and startup are over. In many cases, only ideas fails.

The last presentation from the first panel was about new age media business models. The speaker was Marko Rakar, blogger at, internet activist and communications consultant. He commented situation in Croatia noticing there is very limited number of TV and radio stations, so advertisers have limited space for advertising. On the other hand, on the internet everything is just one click away.

Mr. Rakar told us that the price of advertising on the internet is getting cheaper and cheaper. He has also remarked that the breaking news don’t have real value anymore, because of the internet. The consequence is that everyone in the region has the same news. To the end of his presentation he explained what he was talikng about on the example of his website Vjetrenja?a.





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