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At the first day of the conference „Traditional Values In The New Media Enviroment: A regional media conference“, which is being held today today, 16.11.2012. in Croatian Journalists Association key speakers are: Joe Bergantino, Dan Gillmor i Joshua Benton. They will briefly introduce us to the importance of traditional media. But before that we are going to present each of the speakers.

Guest speakers

Joe Bergantino

Mr. Joe Bergantino is a Director and Senior Investigative Reporter on the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. He has been a national and local investigative reporter fot almost 30 years. He found his passion for journalism in early childhood, at the early age of 8 when he started his neighbourhood newspapers. During his career Mr. Bergantino has won many of the brodcast industries most prestigious awards. He was twice nominated for national Emmy for his work. His storys have had a major impact on the lives of New Englanders.

Dan Gillmor

From the Knight Center for Digital Media Enterpreneurship we welcomed Mr. Dan Gillmor. He is an internationally recognized author and leader in new media and citizen-based journalism. He is the founding director of the new Kinght Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Proffesor of Digital Media Entrepreneurship. Gillmor, a 1981 graduate of the University on Vermont, started his journalism career at the Valley Voice in Middlebury. In 1988 Gillmor moved to Detroid Free Press, where he covered transportation, regional affairs and technology.

In 2004 he published „We the media: Grassroots Journalism by the people, for the People“. He also teaches digital media entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalisam and Mass Comunication. He also writes aricles and commentaries, including a regular online colum for the Guardian newspaper.

Joshua Benton

Mr. Joshua Benton is an American journalist and writer. He is currently the director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, which he founded in 2008. He won numerous national awars for his reporting, most notably on education. He was chief of The Yale Herald and an early blogger at Crabwalk. He speaks regularly about journalism issues at conferences , universities, and occasional street corners.


Moderators for the conferece are Ms. Jelena Berkovic and Professor Douglas Ambrose. Ms. Berkovic is coordinating communications’ team in GONG. She joined GONG in autumn 2010, after a career in journalism and working on Zagreb’s Radio 101. After studies in journalism in the University of Political Science in Zagreb, she obtained a master’s degree in MSc Global Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The second moderator is Professor of History, Mr. Douglas Ambrose from the Hamilton College. Within Fulbright Scholar 2012-2013, he is staying for a year in Zagreb and he teaches Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Department of English-American Studies. He will also give a lecture at the Faculty of Political Science later this year.

The article was written by Kristina Pandži? and Mijo Šarkanj. 

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