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Student Television (Televizija Student) is the only student television in the region and is braodcasting a programme on a daily basis. It has been founded at the Faculty of Political Science which is also a home faculty for the Journalism Studies. It has been started as a student production at the Faculty’s TV studio and has grown into media outlet which started broadcasting on 6th November 2012. It is registered as an elctronic media by the main regulator The service is provided through IPTV providers, mobile applications and also through the Internet stream. It is has its own channel (Vimeo) and also, it has its own web page and is distributing its content through the Facebook.

Student Television is a project for the young, curious and creative individuals among the Academic community and young people. It is also the way to ensure the practical work for the future journalists and other professionals in television production and digital media, as designers, digital journalists, engineers. IT is a non-profit platform which ensurees the young people the space for their own initiative, action and projects.   Although Televizija Student is a real media outlet, it is more as a future media laboratory established on the experiences of the best convergent practices with the goal to promote better journalism. Student TV has a close cooperation with the other student media Radio student and the newspapers Global.

The future goal of Student TV is to establish closer relationship alos with the other faculties, other student media and to exchange the media content. Besides, broadcasting on its own channel, Student Television at the moment is broadcasting at the Croatian Radio Televison (public service) channels HRT4 and HRT2. At the HRT 4, Television Student has twice a week 20 minutes for their programme with the reruns , each Saturday and Sunday. Within the regular programme INDEKS on education the student produce 10 minutes block each week. Student Television aslo shares their packages with the student portals srednja.hr, studentski.hr, Kulturpunkt.hr, and occassionaly, the other television stations broacast their stories.

Student Television has established exchange with the Faculties in the region, especially with the Media Department at the University of Novi Sad where it participated in the Student Media Festival together with the other journalims schools and wins the awards in the last 3 years.

Television Studenta,. together with the Faculty’s Television Department has established cooperation with the Cardiff Scool of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (Cardiff University) , exchanged visites and leped Cardiff School Graduate Student to film a documentary for her Masters Degree.

Television Student has been implementing EU IPA INFO 2012 project „Different approach to youth on the path to the EU – DAY“ which was targeting the youth and student population with the goal to raise awareness among the public about the benefits and challenges related to EU accession and integration. Within the project more than 40 television programmes were produced and also shared on web platform. The whole project established long term cooperation with the youth non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the new television magazine was established  “Europan Cuspajz” “(European Mix”) which was more suitable to the young population. It was a show produced by students of journalism and targeted to young populations. The partner in the project, the public service HRT, also broadcasted the magazine, and the series of 10 magazines was broadcasted on the channel of Televizija Student.


Television Student has a TV studio capacity with the studio cameras and the control room, with the ability to broadcast live programme 24 hours a day and also to provide a continuous web stream. The studio is equipped with the studio cameras and editing equipment (Avid and Adobe Premiere software) for the production of tv programme.
For their stories, students use field cameras and are trained to be multiskilled videojournalists.

It is a television of a new generation – all based on new digital technology and new media platforms: TVS used all possible and available platforms to share its content.

At the moment, the Television Student is upgrading its online platform and file exchange platform in order to improve the possibility to exchange files across the platform and exchange of files between the student media and the journalism schools that produce digital and tv digital content. For such a operation, we are just upgrading our online and file exchange platform to enable crosspromotion, crossproduction and sharing of the content between the youth and the student media outlets in the region and the EU. Such platform would also help other Faculty’s student media (radio, newspapers, new media outlets) to share content of its own media outlets and build the unique one in the future. Furthermore, the file exchange functionality would serve not only for the Faculty, but also for the other student media in the country, in the region and in the EU that want to exchange media content.  TV Student could in this way easily exchange content produced within the EU IPA INFO DAY project (TV packages, EU tutorials, TV shows). For example, EU tutorials produced within this project could be broadcasted for youth in Balkans countries which are not jet in the phase of accession to the EU.

In the long run, such a platforme and file exchange platform will include more youth and student media and non profit organizations to exchange content. It would also improve the communications with the public service HRT which is our constant partner and support as well because we hope to continue our cooperation and exchange in the future. With the upgraded online platform we could easily get the media content from our colleagues across the Balkan region and in the EU. Such online platform with the joint file exchange server would be available to the others in the network as well. Guided by the fact that the number of young persons who watch television is decreasing, we think that what is also of great importance for sustainability of this project which serves to inform youth about the EU is a more accessible web portal and other online platforms (file exchange server) that would easily reach out to the student population. Our target population consume media content mainly through online platforms, on web portals, social media and smart phones. For this reason we would like to improve our web portal and create online platform for sharing produced media content with colleagues from other faculties and regions.


The project leader, the chief editor of the Student TV are experienced tv professionals  dr.Tena Perisin and Igor Mirkovic. Both of them have been working for a long time at the public service.

Tena Perišin is still involved as an editor (producer) in the coproduction project Citizenship Europe financed by the European Parliament with 9 public broadcasters participating.

Igor Mirkovi? is a chief editor of Student TV. He is a director and scriptwriter, and acting also as a Director of the Motovun Film Festival an

-10 student assistants in TV Studio and TV Newsroom

student volonteers – journalists and other professionals



It is obvious that there is a strong gap between citizens and institutions. This is one of the reason for the Euroscepticism in Croatia among young population and its trust in the EU institutions. Student Television is the media that gives voice to the people whose voice is rarely heard and might challenge some of this questions.

All content that is broadcasted by Television Student is produced by young professionals, mostly students of journalism and attracts the young audience.  The topics of TVS cover the activities of youth and their life problems, they tell about student and academic community, student exchange within EU, employment, job market, creative arts and digital skills, it promote science, research with the impact on local community and economy, almost all the topics which are priority of the European Commission list of priorities.  The approach to those topics, the style and the look of the shows and anchors, as well as the graphic design also informal and expresses the point of view of young people. At the same time, the young journalists respect professional journalistic criteria and media ethics.

The approach to those topics, the style and the look of the shows and anchors, as well as the tgraphic design also informal and expresses the point of view of young people. All this, under the conditions – professional journalist criteria and ethics in the media.

Television Student covers the topics and the generation not so present in the media, also promote the topics like human rights, gender equality, minorities, etc. It puts in the center the citizen  , in this case, young European citizen. Television Student insists on pluralism of ideas and tolerance and at the same time, promotes social values and it has zero tolerance towards trivial content. It is very important to stress that TVS has to communicate with Croatian youth on the first place. Because, the European elections show that the outcome is different in each country and it is dependant on the political and economic situation in each country, and it is a reflection of the national issues and problems.

In the tv programme and media content on all the TVS Platforms, the production would focus on the main topics

  • Education about history of Europe and what we have in common
  • Student exchange
  • Employment
  • Research, education – innnovations
  • Digital and e—skills
  • Energy
  • Justice and fundamental rights for ethnic and religious minorities, disabled people


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