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Croatian Beer Drinking Guide

Croatian people are well known for their love of beer. In general, beer is more popular in the inland, while people on the coast prefer wine. There are few brands that can be found in most of the country.  Classic Croatian brands Ožujsko and Karlova?ko have over 100-year histories. To give you an insight of what Croatian beer you should try out, Erasmus students have tested several Croatian beer brands and made a list of the top 9 Croatian beers. What is your favourite Croatian beer? Tell us in the comment section below

Croatian Bar Experience

People in Croatia’s capital city always give themselves time to linger and socialise over drinks. Whatever the time of the year, bars in Zagreb are always raising and lowering their banners across the city centre. But Joakim i Julie noted some differences between bars in Croatia and bars in Sweden and Germany. They decided to visit Craft room and experience the differences firsthand. Those of you who’ve been wondering about the beer selection in Craft room should definitely check it out, so take a look before you see it for yourselves!

Croatian coffee culture

Three girls, Erasmus students from two different countries, joined by their mutual appreciation for a warm cup of everyone’s favourite caffeinated beverage. I’m guessing by now you all know that I’m talking about coffee. Whether its dark, strong espresso, or foamy, sweet cappuccino, even maybe some of those Starbucks’ special flavors, most of you will agree that almost everyone’s senses get tingly as soon as you smell it’s delicious aroma. Everyday errands are easier to do with just a little bit of a coffee buzz. However, having coffee in Croatia is very different than in Lithuania or Germany. It is a fundamental social activity, upon which people share their interests, have small talks…

Hrelić Guide

Spending money to buy something that holds a certain meaning to another person is a form of social contact and a very fast and effective way to see what life in a certain town is essentially like. Hreli? Flea market is such a place in Zagreb. On a Wednesday or Sunday morning, Hreli? is the source of great fun, but also one of the best places in Zagreb to find antique furniture, vintage clothes, old vinyl records, great book collections and many other things. Just think of something specific that you want to buy and you’ll probably find it there. It’s a place that offers almost everything, from a needle to…

Mjera za sve

U Hrvatskoj je veliki broj mladih ljudi prošao kroz mjeru stru?nog osposobljavanja za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa. Od 2012. godine, mjera je namijenjena svim nezaposlenim osobama koje imaju manje od godinu dana radnog iskustva u struci, a osnovna joj je namjera pružiti korisnicima privremeno radno iskustvo kako bi im se pove?ale šanse za kasnije zapošljavanje.  Kroz prilog nas vodi Dora Leva?i?, autorica istraživanja navedene mjere te nam otkriva dio rezultata: koliko se mladih zaposlilo nakon korištenja mjere, koji je socijalni profil korisnika te na koji na?in se mladi mogu uzdržavati s 1600 odnosno 2400 kuna. Tako?er, za mišljenje o mjeri pitali smo i studente kojima tek predstoji potraga za…

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