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…on Erasmus by Michal

Djevojke u ljetnim haljinama … on Erasmus. Erasmus is one and only in its kind experience. From the very begging of my studies, I knew that I want to go somewhere abroad to study, meet people and new culture. After many hours of thinking I decided that going to ‘Western” countries is going to be pointless. These countries are really well known and besides that my financial status would not let me to take everything from this time, what would like to experience. Suddenly somewhere in December our local Erasmus coordinator announced that there is one more destination to choose – Zagreb. Without unnecessary dilemmas I have chosen Zagreb. What was coming…

ERASMUS GUIDE Accommodation

ERASMUS GUIDE Private accomodation from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. If you need to find a place to live and want to avoid living in a dormitory or you just didn’t get a place in there, you can find private apartment or just share a room with someone. Apartments are not too expensive and allow you to keep your privacy. We asked Karina to tell you more about it.


ERASMUS GUIDE Sport from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Erasmus students do other more healthy and constructive activities, besides studying, drinking and partying . Because of great infrastructure, students can satisfy their hobbies and needs. Take a look of what you can do in dormitory and its surroundings.


ERASMUS GUIDE Restaurant from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Croatia, and the whole Balkan is known for rich and various cuisine. Croatia, as historical Austrian-Hungarian sphere of influence has very specific cuisine with Vienna styled roots. Thanks to mediterranean culture on the coast we can try the best fish meals in that part of Europe. Although with Ottoman Empire sphere of influence nearby, some meals are entirely of Turkish origin. Erasmus students were interested in what kind of food Croats eat nowadays and see what they found out.

Želio bih biti… SCENARIST!

Ukoliko smatrate da scenarije mogu pisati samo profesionalci, prevarili ste se. U to ?e Vas uvjeriti gospo?a Diana Pe?kaj Vukovi?, poznata hrvatska scenaristica koja od 19.3. do 21.3. 2015. u Centru za kulturu Trešnjevka vodi radionicu pod nazivom ” Kako se pišu serije velikih formata ”. Poha?anjem ovog trodnevnog te?aja te svojim trudom i zalaganjem otvara Vam se mogu?nost suradnje s autoricom hrvatskih sapunica i telenovela. Dobrodošli su svi zainteresirani, i amateri i iskusni pisci. Kako se prijaviti i ostale detalje radionce saznajte na stranicama Centra za kulturu Trešnjevka – Cekate. Autorica: Vlatka Vidi?


ERASMUS GUIDE Social life from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. During your stay in Zagreb you need some central institution to organize your life in here and help you in various life problems. In moments like this, Erasmus Student Network Zagreb jumps in and saves the day. They offer a lot of organized tours through the city where they take you sightseeing, so you can get to know the city better, but also experience some its cultural aspects. they educational program is not the only thing they provide for Erasmus students – they also organize a lot of workshops, volunteer work, sports events and many other activities in which students…

ERASMUS GUIDE One day of student life

ERASMUS GUIDE One day of student life from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. In Zagreb you can find two dormitories where Erasmus Students live. First one is Stjepan Radic dormitory which can be described as luxurious compering to what you are about to see. You still find it hard to believe? Take a look on Ante Starcevic dormitory and see it yourselves.


ERASMUS GUIDE Croaticum from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. When you come here it is natural that you need to learn some useful phrases, in order to communicate with locals. Here in Zagreb there is one place which can help you with this – CROATICUM, a place where foreign students can learn and master their Croatian speaking skills. You can test your knowledge through various exams and exercises and get involved in many different activities for students. Besides learning the language, you can also get to know more about Croatian culture. For further information, visit the site below. http://croaticum.ffzg.unizg.hr/  


ERASMUS GUIDE Menza from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Menza is the best place you can imagine after long day of classes. With a special student card you get from 50% to 70% discount for all food in there. Of course, the food may not be the best you ever tasted, but still, you get a warm, cooked meal for a really low price. But menza is not only a place where students go to eat, it’s also a top spot for students to socialize and connect with other classmates.


ERASMUS GUIDE Nightlife from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. Our friend Javi, aka “Spanish Eminem”, will show you what Zagreb nightlife looks like from a perspective of an Erasmus student. As a singer and the social butterfly, he’s the best person to show you THE places to be in Zagreb. So, take a look and add these places to your list of “places to visit this semester”.

ERASMUS GUIDE Stjepan Radic dorm

ERASMUS GUIDE Student dorm Stjepan Radi? from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo. After comming to Zagreb you have to face the question which is going to effect your whole life in here, you have to decide where are you going to live. There is couple of options like diffrent dormitories or private apartament. If you want to live in dormitory, remember to book it sooner becasue there is never enough space. Anyway let’s see the video about Stjepan Radic Dormitory.  

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