Renovation at Sava

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Everytime we come back from the field, proud of perfect framing, Grani? says picture is to dark. We go back to the field to correct our mistake, and return thrilled because we finally managed to figure out proper exposure. Grani? says our focus is a complete failure. The day after, we checked the framing twice, light and the focus also.   But then, Grani? says the composition is criminal.  It never gets us down.

One thing is certain – even if we think we have done everything right, Grani? will always find something to complain about.

Next year, Zagreb will host European University Games.  Sava, the infamous student dorm, was last renovated over thirty years ago.  A makeover is desperately needed.
Since it is impossible to fix all of the 2 758 rooms before the next academic year starts, students are already freaking out. They have no idea where to stay, until they can move back to their beloved dorm.

Therefore, we decided to snoop around, and asked officials about their plans. And it seems like they are the embodiment of all stereotypes about Croatian bureaucracy – they don’t know yet or it is not in their jurisdiction.

One of the rumors is that the government will cover a part of life expenses for the students. They probably will  be forced to rent apartments until the renovation is over. The Student’s Center confirmed that rumor.  It is still a mystery what percentage the subvention will cover. Living in an apartment  can be up to ten times more expensive than living in the dorm room.   It would help a lot if people to know how financially hard the next semester will be.
However, it remains unknown until the beginning of June.

Officials assures us everything will turn out fine.  They don’t really have a plan, but everything will be just fine.

Iva Buci?

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